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 Welcome to EGs Folding Forum

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PostSubject: Welcome to EGs Folding Forum   Sun Jun 06, 2010 6:49 am

Well lets get this party started.

I am known as Extremegrandpa in many places on the net. I can also be found at XS as FoldingFanatic.

I have been folding for about a year now, but only seriously sense the end of January. Now this forum isnt about what team you fold for, because all I care about is that you fold.

I have been married for over 20 years now and have 4 kids and 8 grandchildren. I was born and raised in Augusta Ga and currently reside in Goldsboro NC.

Welcome everyone to EGs Folding Forum.
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to EGs Folding Forum   Sun Jun 06, 2010 3:35 pm


My name is Ben im a mechanical engineer in the uk 27 married with 1 son so far Very Happy

Only been folding about 3 days now but being as i dont get much time to play games anymore i think my PC which is my prized possesion of course could be put to good use when im not using it.

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to EGs Folding Forum   Sun Jun 06, 2010 3:52 pm

Hello all

Names Jarob name is from Jaraboam just switched around a little I'm from the US. and I am a 21 going on 22 construction worker currently working for my pops.

I Currently have no kids thank god, not married (Believe's in don't have to be married to be together) lol!

Currently folding on a ATI HD4850 plan on cooling everything down before switching to a new GPU and keeping my funds sustained instead of blowing it all Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to EGs Folding Forum   Sun Jun 06, 2010 9:14 pm


I'm known as Sray on the Nvidia forums and a few other places too in my cool digital life (feel free to add me as a friend on Steam); but in my stupid real life, I'm named Steve. I'm 35 years old and from the Great not-so White North of Vancouver, Canada.

I've only been folding for a couple months now, but I'm starting to actually have some very slight inkling of what I'm actually doing. EG was actually the person I asked to explain what F@H was and once he did, I've been on board with the idea ever since. It just made sense to me: I've got this incredibly powerful computer that I hardly ever get to really unleash the full potential of (as a gamer, most of my games don't really use even 10% of my rig's full power), so I might as well contribute something to science when its sitting idle (which is frequently). Its taken me a while to get comfortable with what I'm doing with my rig so far, but I think I'm about ready to take the next step in complexity and get my second Radeon HD 5870 running F@H. And just in time to have to probably shut down the GPU folding for summer, as an air conditioner is something I simply can't afford right now (plus, in non-folding conditions, I'd only ever need for a week every year, two tops).

Without giving away any personal information I have about EG that he might not want me to share (not that I know anything much), but we both actually share a common motivation contributing to this project, so I might not be as vocal about F@H as EG, but I'd like to think that I'm very passionate about helping with this project to the best of my abilities. I try to tell my friends and co-workers about it and give them what little tech support I can when they do try to help out.

I also write very long posts very frequently.
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Location : Southern California-USA

PostSubject: Re: Welcome to EGs Folding Forum   Mon Jun 07, 2010 2:23 am

Name's MrInfinit3... Most People just call me Mr.
Some of you know me by Jake Wink

I am 1 of 2 owners of a North American company named Socom Computers. Most people recognize me from forums such are SLIzone/nvidia,,AMD,SWGEMU,and KOTOR modders, among many others.....I am currently 100% disabled so I work here from the home office and can get you just about anything for your pc cheap anywhere in the world(srry EG ,had to plug that in... couldn't help it lol) Twisted Evil

We have discussed F@H via VOIP this morning and have decided that the Socom team will join team some of you guys will see some new faces (names) on the team list.

Considering my current situation regarding my sudden disability; I feel very strongly about F@H and contribute as much as I possibly can. (which I'm sure some of you have noticed in the daily output charts)
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to EGs Folding Forum   Mon Jun 07, 2010 10:15 am

Hello everyone, my proper name is Alex.

My life is not as exciting as some others, I manage at a small auto parts store in the small town I live in. I wrench on card, wrench on computers, wrench on bikes, work horses, move parts, and all of the things associated with living on a farm. Ever since I found out what F@H was about I knew I wanted to donate computing power for it, at first I started off small just running the classic uni-processor client, and gradually I stepped up to running the GPU client, then one on each card.

What really kicked me into getting it so I run my computer for 24-36 hours a week folding is my fathers development of cancer, they do not know what it is, they do not know how to stop it, it is new and spreading fast. If my processing power can even find one way to help one person, even if its just a little. That is worth the effort to leave my computer running for a day or two a week and raising the room temp to something rather uncomfortable.

But other then that, I am a huge nerd. Nice to you guys here.
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to EGs Folding Forum   Tue Jun 15, 2010 5:39 pm

Hi my name is William Wendland, AKA "Mr_Scary"
I use the name because my favorite Guitarist is George Lynch ( ) Mr. Scary
I'm 37 yrs old, I've been toying with Electronics since I was about 10.
Started playing guitar in the early 80's

I love computers and gaming, as well as playing guitar and other instruments.
my website is everything me, " My Blog " so to speak.

My favorite places are Nvidia Forums, formorly SLI Zone Forums.
Youtube, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc..

I started folding a couple years ago, and got very serious last year.
I was folding on 4 different PC's with 7 GPUs total. the problem I had was the economy caused my income to be a bit lower.
resulting in Higher Utility bill, My office is upstairs so I had to run an A/C unit 24/7 as well.
I will start the folding up again soon, as we are pulling out of this Low at my work,
and trying to get our stock up by cutting our hours and working harder to make up for last years economic crysis.

When I do fold my team is EVGA (111065), I have also folded for other teams @ random.
every little bit counts even it's not a lot.
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Location : Da great city of Chicaguh, Illinoiz

PostSubject: Re: Welcome to EGs Folding Forum   Wed Jun 16, 2010 5:15 pm

Hi all, as you can probably guess my name is Kevin, and I'm 53 years old, The 4950 part comes from the fact that I was 49 years old when I got my first computer, a hand me down from my brother when he got a new one. I said " What am i going to do with a computer?" He replied "I don't know, play games?" So I did. And of course it wasn't good enough for the games I wanted to play, so I upgraded it to it's limit, and it still wasn't good enough. So I started building my own.

When I first started to need a login for various places I tried to get kev49 but it was taken. Since I was approaching 50, I added that and voila!

I've never been married and don't have any kids (that I know of), but am planning on getting married soon, since I finally found the right woman. Still won't have any kids though, I'm too old for that.

I love animals and manage a kennel at a large animal hospital for a living.

I spend a lot of time on the Nvidia (formerly SLIZone) forums, usually reading more than posting. I've gotten most of my computer knowledge, such as it is, there and other places online. When I do post it's usually short since I didn't learn to type until I got my first keyboard, so I'm still pretty slow. I envy all of you younger guys who grew up with computers and could probably type soon after you could read.

Much like Ben mentioned above, I don't have as much time to game as I'd like and I got into folding as the result of EG's challenge and the desire to put all this equipment to a good use when I'm not entertaining myself with it.

I think I actually enjoy building the machines as much as using them, and would eventually like to open a custom computer shop so I could do it for a living. Don't know if it will ever happen, but a man's gotta have dreams, eh?

I think EG has done a wonderful job on these forums and hope to see more guys from Nvidia and other forums joining us here soon. I think this will be a great place to hang out and continue to learn.
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Age : 37
Location : Southern California-USA

PostSubject: Re: Welcome to EGs Folding Forum   Wed Jun 23, 2010 4:13 am

That's a great story on the "name" background Kevin.
I wish I could remember how I got my name..... I know it was from a group of "online" friends for a chat site that was named "".
This was back when I used a Sega Dreamcast to surf the net and learn some basic programing. I wanna say... sometime between 94'-96'.....
which is when I started getting into modding when I transferred my dreamcast hardware into a plexi-glass enclosure, along with a 12V bi-amplified 200w speaker system, onto which my 13" "tube" color TV rested upon.
My 1st PC was a Compaq /Intel 486 @ 133mhz w/ turbo button----LOL WOOOOT! (Unless you count the Atari 2600)(1st computer exp. was an Apple IIe)
Which was the biggest P.O.S. EVER... I can remember playing Doom, woflenstien and duke nukem via telephony and having to kick the machine every time it would freeze up (Ram seating issue on Intel 486 boards) Not to mention paying $40 per month for a 14kbps internet connection. I kind of miss the old connection "whine" my modem would could always tell if you were getting a good connection or not by listening to the slightest variables Smile

I see your folding results; very nice! Very glad to see someone besides EG and myself outputting an avg. of over 10kppd. Unfortunately, I have not been able to fold much in the last week or so as my rig died...again.... (p.o.s. MSI board) My mobo bricked during an "official" BIOS update...I should have bought the ASUS 980a....Still debating if I am or not...ASUS boards are much much more stable but I would be sacrificing a PCI-e 8x slot which would come in handy for physX apps, 3-way SLI or folding. I figure I'll give MSI "1" more chance to redeem themselves ..... This will be my 3rd RMA of this board in the last 90 days.... Do I run the shit out of it? Well yes; of course...they claim it to be "The Ultimate Overclocker's Board" so it should be able to last a bit longer than it has been.
Rite now I'm using my daughter's rig...(AMD 5000+BE @ 3.2Ghz/2Gb DDR2-800/ASUS Crosshair V1/2x 8800GTS 320Mb in SLI) Even though this board is approx. 6-7years old there are 11 BIOS updates for it from ASUS.. and The BIOS updates are a snap...not to mention "idiot-proof" since most ASUS boards have a "dual BIOS" chip installed.. The MSI 980a (NF980-G65) had a defunct secondary BIOS chip... so when I updated to use my new 1090T hexa-core it stopped @ approx.20% completion and "bricked" the board Sad...
Now..I do this for a living..... 2-3 BIOS updates everyday.. on every type of board you can think of....It's not a difficult thing to do...or rather.. it shouldn't be difficult to do. Especially with a BIOS update
usb pen drive supplied by MSI themselves. Oh well... I guess I'll just have to wait it out and see how my replacement board arrives.

During the down time... I'm thinking I'll do some "serious" modding to my big ass enclosure/case.... I Wanna do a tri-loop LCS... using the 480 Rad from koolance for the CPU, and 2x 240 rads (1 per GPU)
I just bought/ordered an 800L/h pump for my cpu loop (2.3ft rise+5.5ft of 3/8I.D. tubing+480rad) so hopefully that's efficient enough there. And I have 2x 450L/h pumps for each GPU( -6"/+ rise + 2ft tubing+ +240mm rad (per GPU))
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The Professor


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Location : Townsville, Queensland, Australia

PostSubject: Re: Welcome to EGs Folding Forum   Mon Jun 28, 2010 8:03 am

Hi everyone Wink

As you've probably guessed, I'm The Professor, however I sometimes go by the name theprofessor13 or some variation. I'm 16 years young, going on 17 in a few weeks and finishing up my final year of high school. I Fold for a lot of reasons, mostly personal although putting my old hardware to good use is always better than having it sit in a cupboard. I currently have a GTX285, 9800GT and a few CPU clients here and there Folding 24/7 as my contribution. I wish it could be more but I'm only high school student. If anyone has thoughts on how a GTX460 would Fold, I'd be glad to hear them as I'm looking to add one to the team when the are released.

If there is one thing that you should take away from this post, it would be that one of the things that I find most annoying is how the Folding@home project severely under uses ATI cards. As such, I will probably have some huge rants occasionally about the issue so just watch out for huge walls of text Very Happy.

(I'm not good at writing about myself)
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to EGs Folding Forum   Wed Jun 30, 2010 10:34 am

I'm Jon. My user name is Clydefrog. I inadvertently posted my introduction as a new thread so I thought I would make an official one. I came to the nvidia forum a little over 2 years ago and when Nik K started the user to user team I thought that having my pc work while I am not gaming was a brilliant idea. I have relatives who have died of cancer and a friend who has died from a brain tumor so as they say in sports: I have got some skin in this game. I live on the peninsula of the Bay Area in California and work graveyard shift in the telecom industry. I enjoy Spike TV, Comedy Central, cars from pretty much any era, gaming, and the occasional adult beverage.

Regarding my name: Comedy Central's most popular show is Southpark. It is a cartoon about 4 fourth graders who have a different drama to deal with each week. In one episode, Cartman was playing Wild Wild West (where he has to slay the evil dragon to save Salma Hayek). He choose his frog doll to help him as Clydefrog is his smartest doll.
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to EGs Folding Forum   Mon Nov 29, 2010 7:13 pm

Hi there fellow folders!
My name is WOLF_TEAM_LEADER, I run a gaming clan, build computers, recently started writing news bulletins for a forum and I know "EG" or "Admin" from !
I am just folding with my i7 930 which ranges from about 19k - 30K 24hr. Avg, depending on the work units (project 6900 FTW!!!!).
I plan on getting some beastly opterons folding away 24/7 and I am waiting for the single PCB GTX595 so I can have 7 of them water cooled on 1 board Smile (all it needs is a little BIOS mod)
I may start folding with my 5870's (i know they suck) as an insurance for my CPU so that I will reach my personal milestones.

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to EGs Folding Forum   

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Welcome to EGs Folding Forum
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